I decided to pursue more passion projects this 2019 to explore the fields I was interested in. I realized a lot of what I enjoyed was illustrating botanicals– whether it was digital or through paint. Another is architecture or interior spaces. The architecture of a place is culturally-bound, which makes every detail so interesting while interior spaces can definitely provide a new atmosphere. Aside from learning a country's culture through architecture, I'm a firm believer of experiencing it through its food.

As I went through my exchange program in Europe, I

illustrated places I visited and food I ate along the way.

These were based on photos I took in my travels, which you can soon view on my Blog

When I was in high school, I thought about pursuing architecture– illustrating the different places I've been to remind me of my love and appreciation for architecture.

During my Parsons' Summer Intensive Program in New York City, I discovered the different facilities they had such as Fabric Printing, UV Printing, and Riso Printing.

It was through my determination to maximize my resources in Parsons that taught me how to use and operate a Riso machine on my own and produced some prints for it as well.

These are some illustrations I created in line with the Summer season utilizing deductive methods, Riso-inspired colors, and a variety of opacities.