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I realized how liberating it was to paint a whole wall when I couldn't sleep one night and decided to do some redecorating in my room. Though some may depict the scale as intimidating, I see it as a limitless amount of space to keep creating.

With my background in the Fine Arts, especially painting, I get to combine techniques and skills to apply to my distinct mural style and technique.

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Mighty Baby Mural

A mural project for Mighty Baby Philippines, a pioneer brand for baby products. They are the executive distributor of i-Angel, Mother-K, K-Mom, Ecomom, and Creamhaus– Korea-based products that are renowned world  class products.

Boystown Mural

As an ongoing project with the goal of educating and inspiring the youth through art and design, I created meaningful murals for them that brightened the atmosphere of their homes. Some of the boys were eager to help paint with me, which allowed them to express their creativity by suggesting other animals or designs to include in the mural.

Dream Destination

A personal commission with a client who wanted to have her dream destination, Iceland, illustrated on her bedroom wall for her to remember.