I started painting as a child, around 7 years old. I've worked with different media such as watercolor, oil, acrylic, and hardware paint.

Most of my paintings consist of botanicals or florals. I also enjoy doing large-scale work like murals.

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A final piece I finished for my Parsons' Summer Intensive Program in the New School in 2019. I created a set that depicted a story between two lovers with the use of impasto methods on acrylic paint. The balance between the finished and unfinished as well as the distinct muted color scheme connects each piece to another.

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Icelandic Waters

Based on a photo by Peter Yan, I illustrated the breathtaking scenery through impasto techniques– adding textures to where the river flowed and crevices formed through volcanic lands.

Probably my favorite thing about this piece is reusing someone's discarded canvas for it. As an advocate for the environment & its sustainability, I believe in living a mindful lifestyle that does not contribute to waste.

6PM | 5AM | 12MN

A series of paintings showcasing the sky in different types of the day.

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Lemon & Orange Botanicals

Inspired by traditional methods of botanical recordings, I deconstructed the parts of these citrus plants and painted them on wooden panels.


Relief Floral Paintings

One of the things I truly valued the most was learning to create thick and interesting textures through impasto.

For my Floral Series, I also utilized discarded panels I found in the classroom.  I then added layers of paint onto it that built character into the piece, which many people admired. It was extremely fulfilling to use something regarded as trash into something beautiful.

I owe a great deal to my mentor, Glenn Goldberg, who encouraged me to pursue what I was interested in and allowed me to play with a variety of materials to explore.


A series of paintings representing different minerals inspired by its vibrant colors for VPharma.

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