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New Botanical Prints

These new set of Botanical Prints are now available on my website!

I had so much fun creating these prints! It took me the longest time to get started on Procreate because I found it so intimidating but it's definitely something that becomes intuition once you get a hang of it.

There was always something about plants that were so therapeutic for me. These were my first work on Procreate while keeping my dad company in his room.

I was touched with the positive feedback on my Instagram so I decided to make a series of it. I categorized them into two collections– Dainty Pinks and Bold Whites.

They're perfect for making a statement in any space, whether it be your bedroom, dining area, or office space.

These prints are available in archival paper, cotton canvas, and fine wood. They also come in five sizes to suit your every need.

You can visit the product by simply clicking on the image in the slides below.

For interested buyers outside of the Philippines, I highly recommend checking out my Society6 Shop. Society6 not only offers a wide variety of products I got to integrate my design on, but also ships worldwide! Feel free to message me on Instagram for any queries you might have.

For more products, check out my Society6 Shop!

Or copy & paste the link: https://society6.com/christinedesigns

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