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Personal Branding

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I finally decided to update my personal branding. I used to identify as a watercolor artist and calligrapher, but realized I had a wider range of skills to offer. This included Branding & Identity, Illustrations, Layout Design, and much more.

Original Type Setting of Bambi Bold

Adjusted Type Setting of Bambi Bold

Initially, I settled on having a simple type logo and icon, which didn't have a lot of character. My professor, Jason Moss, had to challenge me to do something more interesting with it.

I was stumped. I didn't want any one illustration define me as a designer or have to put an illustration of myself on it. It just wasn't something I envisioned. It took a while, but I fortunately landed with something I really liked.

The redesign stems from my appreciation for serif fonts, and obsession with nude-mauve colors. It was something I visualized in my mind as a painting and ultimately decided it represented how fluid I was in the scope of my work.

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