Ritual Brand No. 2

Pineapple Vinegar by Maydoyong's Best

A collaboration with Ritual, a proudly-Filipino general store,

that sells free-trade, sustainable, and local goods.

Pineapple Vinegar is made in small-batches and handcrafted by Filipinos. It has a hint of sweetness from the natural sugars of pineapples, which can be used for tangy dessert syrups or salad dressings. It is naturally fermented in Eastern Samar to produce acidity resembling to vinegar.

Maydolong's Best Stamp

I created a stamp for Maydolong, a municipality in Eastern Visayas. Maydolong harvests plentiful pineapples
that locals produce to a variety of products from fruit vinegars to jams. "Maydolong's Best" was a product of their passion and determination to distributing these products for Filipinos to taste.

Logo Studies

Logo Study No. 1
Logo Study No. 2

Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Special thanks to Joel & Marla Darwin from Natural Selection Design


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