Who Are You?

Find out who you are, we'll find the place for you.

An application that shows you where to stay on the beach based on your personality, preferences, and activities.

Fulfilled for my Parsons Summer Intensive Program in Graphic Design II on July 2019. The premise was to take photos on Coney Island based on a theme and create an application for it. 

Who Are You-24.png
Who Are You 11x17 -03.png

I took photos of the different beach umbrellas found on Coney Island. Initially, I didn't have an overarching theme for the photos but I wanted the application to be functional for users. In the process, I was able to conceptualize a theme that can help you find where to stay on Coney Island.

play with my app here:


Brand Identity, Illustrations, Application Design & Promotional Collateral